Get to know me!!

I am a full-stack developer based in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I generally work with HTML (Pug), CSS (Stylus, but could probably pick up Sass, Less, etc. whenever necessary), and JavaScript (Node.js, I have used jQuery as well but tend to not use it anymore) and take pride in providing interactive experiences that are beyond fast, they're real-time! Interestingly I started with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript then moved on to VB.NET, PHP, SQL, Java, and C# a tad too but the web has brought me back to my roots and I currently do not foresee any reason for that to change. With the advent of Node.js unifying client-side and server-side web development around a single language it has allowed for developers to learn once and develop for both rather than needing to learn multiple languages to achieve the same unity that Node.js and JavaScript provide. With solutions like Electron, NW.js, etc. (others that I have not yet come across) you can now develop cross-platform desktop applications using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as well!